Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Introduction

Hello chauffeured transportation industry! Some of you may know me in a variety of ways. Affiliates of Nikko's, clients of Nikko's, industry shows, or suppliers. For those that don't, that's alright too.

I feel that the industry is lacking an analyst who can look in the newspaper, internet, or CNBC, can analyze the news that affects our industry and interpret some of the ramifications. Of course, we have a few known speakers on the topic, but not somebody who does daily and posts these opinions for everyone to see. I feel I can fill this void. Let me be clear on one point: I am not using this blog as an advertisement for Nikko's. I am posting my opinions on the economy, politics and financial news that affects our industry.

Also, this is a blog and what I post are my opinions. In no way should you hold me liable for decisions you make about your business. Might I influence them? I hope so, however, use your own business judgement coupled with mine. This is especially true since we are a country that is so diverse in economic opportunity. My legal disclaimer is over now.

Some things you need to know about me:
  1. I am 22 years old and am a graduate of the University of Houston-Downtown. I have a mojor in Finance and minor in Economics. When I attended Texas A&M, I was an economics major. I am hoping to start my masters in Economics very soon back at TAMU.
  2. I am a believer of Supply Side Economics. For those of you who may not fully understand what that means, I feel that putting money in the power of the people is the way to go. Lower Taxes and less government spending. Opposite of this is Keynesian Economics, which believes that money is best spent by the government in directed fashions.
  3. I believe that capitalism and free markets are a foundation of wealth.
Please tune in frequently because I will be posting at least a couple of times per week. My first post will be what I think of the events that have happened so far and some economic outlook.